Life @ Mojo

Life... as we make it.
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Life At Mojo Nomad: A First Class Co Living Community

Co-live @ Mojo

Co-live, collaborate, create and co-work as part of a community of trailblazers who are never afraid to dream big. These are your people. They are fierce, they are bold, they are rebels with a cause. We don’t bend rules, we break them. Life is too short to compromise when you’re living in the future.

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Co-work @ Mojo

We get it. Doing the work you love surrounded by like-minded creators is electrifying! Thrive in our dedicated co-working area supported by complimentary high speed Wi-Fi. It’s a brave new world in here and we’re building it together.

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Chill @ Mojo

All work and no play? Never. There’s a whooole lotta reasons why taking a break is a great idea! Join a community event for a spot of yoga, a film, a little live music or hear what a visiting speaker has to say. Our library and music room is always worth a visit, and the multimedia room is fully equipped with all the latest games and gadgets.

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